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Client web:

Zimbra is natively based on web. It has a webmail interface that is friendly and easy to use. The client is high tech if compared with competitors. It's a valid alternative to MS Exchange and Outlook solutions. Using Ajax and HTML 5 it achieves high performance. You can use TAG on messages, calendar and addressbook. A strong search engine is build inside Zimbra and it's always available inside the webmail.

Address Book

The addressbook is one of the best you can have. It syncs wit your mobile phone and can have multiple level and multiple shares.


Zimbra Calendars also could be multiple level and shared with your colleagues. It olso syncs with your mobile using active sync.

Extra Features Zimbra

Zimbra includes also an antivirus (ClamAV and Amavis) and anti-spam system (SpamAssassin).

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